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The Hotel Rheinfels has been modernized. All rooms are refurbished with five star furniture for your comfort!

Since the year 1790 the Hotel Rheinfels (Rhine-rock) is located in the heart of the historic town of Saint Goar.  It resides on this prime location on the edge of the river Rhine in the heart of the famous 'Upper-Middle-Rhine-Valley'. The region has been granted WORLD-CULTURAL-HERITAGE status by  UNESCO. 
The location is simply paradise. You have a gorgeous panoramic view over the river Rhine to the historic Old City of Saint Goarshausen with the Castle Katz
(Cat) and downstream to Castle Maus (Mouse) from all rooms with view of river Rhine. A q
uite romantic sight, especially after sunset when the towns with churches and castles are illuminated and the lights reflect on the river. The famous Cologne - Düsseldorf (KD) passenger cruising lines landing stage is straight across from the hotel. Only a few foot steps away are the other passenger cruising lines landing stages. 
"An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day." (Henry David Thoreau) 
After walking five minutes along the riverside from Hotel Rheinfels, you catch sight of the LORELEI upstream. Fifteen minutes later you stand across from the LORELEI. In our opinion it might be enjoyable to take this walk in the evening as well. The railway station is easily accessible by foot in two minutes. From there you have best connections to all of Europe including the Airports, e.g. Frankfurt Airport is a good hour away. Due to the topography and acoustics of the river Rhine valley, nightly freight train noise - direct and reflected - is a common nuisance in the valley. The location of the Hotel Rheinfels is very fortunate in this regard. Buildings behind the Hotel Rheinfels and across the river Rhine in Saint Goarshausen shield the Hotel Rheinfels from train noise emission very well. This is a rare exception in the valley.
The Hotel Rheinfels is an historic Hotel which  has been renovated and modernized to today's standards for your comfort carefully. It
provides 14 double rooms, 4 large rooms with balcony and 7 single rooms. All have separate bathrooms, hairdryer, phone, LAN (wire/cable and W-LAN) and satellite television. All guest rooms have been refurbished 'with five star' furnishings! We speak English.
The Hotel Rheinfels is the ideal base for your stay in the center of this beautiful region, may your visit be shorter or longer. Convenient daytrips hiking up and down
the Upper-Middle-Rhine-Valley and or by bike, boat, train, car and in combinations thereof to the numerous historic and scenic natural sites, are possible with ease. Thanks to the nearby ferry Lorelei VI, both sides of the Rhine are accessible every fifteen minutes. Modern local trains serve at hourly
intervals in all directions, all towns and villages on both sides of the river Rhine. 

A large, double room with view of the Rhine panorama and balcony
The reception of the Hotel Rheinfels with historic stucco ceiling; a carved wooden banister on the stairs

Part of the renovated breakfast room with view on River Rhine, the old city of St. Goarshausen and
castle Katz
Hotel Rheinfels in the evening with illuminated facade 

View from the ferry Lorelei VI to the riverfront of St. Goar with Hotel Rheinfels, in the background the Castle  Rheinfels.  You may open this picture larger via the link (1280 x 874 pixel); please use the back-command of your browser to revert to this page!

We are looking forward to your visit at the Hotel Rheinfels and to spoil you with attentive, competent and friendly service!


Yours family Sangha

P.S. Further pictures below: 

Part of the panoramic view from rooms with view of the river Rhine

Castle Katz. This early in the year the scrub oaks start budding.

One church of Saint Goarshausen with 150th anniversary, the Hotel Rheinfels was founded 73 years earlier.

Castle Maus from rooms with view of river Rhine (brought closer by telephoto lens)
Castle Katz and the old city of St. Goarshausen; at top of the tributary valley, the village of Patersberg

The morning sun reaches the balcony of a guest room. St. Goarshausen lies still in morning haze. The church tower in Patersberg, built in the twelfth century, appears as a silhouette. 

From a viewpoint halfway up the valley's side behind Hotel Rheinfels: St. Goar and St. Goarshausen with churches, towers and Castle Katz. The paddle steamer GOETHE in her 100th year of service is just landing at St. Goar. The steamer has been replaced recently by a modern diesel engine for environmental reasons. But much of the original drive train and the propulsion by the original paddles has been kept. You may obtain boat tickets directly from the KD-agency at the landing stage. There is no need for reservations. Hotel Rheinfels can be recognized by the red line which has been added at the roof's ridge. At the bottom center of the picture you can spot a bit of track at the train station. The platform itself is covered by flowering shrubs. You may open this picture larger via the link (1280 x 1385 pixel)

Castle Katz with rainbow        You may open this picture larger via the link (1280 x 800pixel

A few impressions of the park of St. Goar on the 1st of May: Flowering tulips by the Rhine ...

A cherry tree in full bloom ...          You may open this picture larger via the link (1280 x 907 pixel)

A single raceme of the cherry tree ...       You may open this picture larger via the link (1280 x 853 pixel)

A plum tree is also blooming ...    You may open this picture larger via the link (1280 x 853 pixel)